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Measuring dynamic behavior 

Instrumentation and testing has been a key element of most of the projects in which I have been involved. 

A critical element of a successful test program is the development of a detailed and realistic test plan, and I have developed dozens over the years. 

I have designed and managed many field and laboratory tests; some of which have included the design of specialized sensors, test fixtures, and loading devices

Example projects include:

  • The design and fabrication of inertial measurement units (IMU) that could measure accurately the motion of an object in 3D space at high angular rates

  • A flight test program for evaluating the shock and vibration performance of the F-16's main battery system, which included analysis of acceleration data to develop qualification test levels 

  • The design of a device for measuring the dynamic loads in track fasteners used in subways

  • The design of impact loading devices for testing sports equipment and railroad track components

  • The development of a motion capture test laboratory for evaluating sports equipment and consumer products

Instrumentation and Testing: Services
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